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Price List For Vets: 19 Vet Clinics Researched

price list for vets

This article will compare the price list for vets across the country.

If you need help for your dog or pet, it is essential to know that many vets in the United Kingdom can provide excellent services and care for your pets.

However, not all of them have the same prices as others. So, if you want to find out which vet charges less than another one, keep reading.

The vet industry is constantly evolving and changing. Vet medicine requires a high level of technical skill, knowledge and experience.

The vet industry is also highly competitive. Vet clinics are expensive to run. They need to have high-quality equipment such as X-ray machines, dog ultrasound machines etc…

This means that the cost of treatment in veterinary care varies widely from practice to practice. As such, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what you are paying for when choosing a veterinarian.

I will be comparing the prices of different vets in the UK so that you can decide on whether to choose one over the other based on their rates.

All medical equipment must also be maintained regularly. This means they cannot afford to skimp on service or maintenance.

Vet prices vary widely depending on where you live. Some vets charge £100+ per visit while others can be free.

Veterinary Clinics Included In The Research

To get an accurate comparison, I decided to include randomly chosen veterinary practices across the UK and some of their most common services.

I have chosen some large cities – London, Manchester, Edinburgh and some smaller ones – Cardiff, Brighton, Hastings, Northampton, Worcester, Ipswich etc.

These cities have a wide range of vets available for your dog’s health check.

Below is a list of all clinics with links to them. You can quickly check the price list on their website.

Vet Consultation Prices

There are many reasons why you might want to find a veterinary practice that will provide veterinary services for your pet.

Maybe you’ve had bad experiences with previous vets. Perhaps you’re looking for a new vet because you moved or want to save money. Whatever the reason, finding a great vet is essential.

When you go to the vet, you expect to pay a fair price for your pet’s health care. But how do you know what the going rate is for veterinary services? And what does “fair” really mean anyway?

I’ve researched and compiled a list of accurate vet consultation rates. I also included information about discounts and free consultations.

The table below contains prices for 1st consultation, follow-up one, out of hours emergency appointments and, where possible, the pet insurance discount for the Pet Health Club members.

Veterinary Practice Consultation Pet Health Club Price Follow-up Consultation Emergency consultation
Cybin Vet Clinic £41 available £37 -
Fenton Vets £42 £35.70 - £105-£199.5 (PHC £87.50)
Animal Trust FREE FREE FREE £59/£129
Gordon Vets £46 available - £159.12
Abington Vets £50.82 available £43.89 £288.75
Graham Road Vets £44 £44 £40 -
The Stocks Vets £45 available £43 -
Priory Lodge Vets - - - -
New Priory Vets £57.10 - - -
Congleton Vets £45 / nurse £22 £45 / nurse £22 - -
Orwell Vets £52 - £50.33 -
Claremont Vets £46 - - -
Jurassic Vets £39.90 £35.91 £32.55 £105/£180.48 (PHC £78.74/£135.36)
Town and Country Vets £45.98 available £43.46 -
Swadlincote Vets £49 £49 £39 (£39 PHC) £159/£216
Millhouse Vets £70.50 (includes free follow up consultations – see right) - - £110/£230/£305
Priory Vets £49 £49 £45.60 (£45.60 PHC) £180/£250
White House Vets £44 - £38.44 -
Park Vets £47.70/£58.85 - £39.90 -


From above table we can see the vet consultation price vary from £0 (Animal Trust) to £70.50 (Millhouse Vets) in the UK.

Vet Vaccination Prices

Dog vaccination is a routine procedure which every dog owner is familiar with.

Do you know how much your pet’s vaccinations cost? It’s probably not as cheap as you thought.

Every year, we hear about another infectious disease that has made its way back into our dogs.

From parvo to distemper, rabies, and even Lyme Disease, these diseases pop up everywhere.

I’ve put together a list of typical prices for vaccines – these include not just dogs but usually also rabbit vaccination.

These vaccine prices come again from the above list of vets in the UK.

Veterinary Practice Vaccination Pet Health Club Booster Pet Health Club - Booster
Cybin Vet Clinic £45 available £49 available
Fenton Vets £81 (full course) £68.65 £49 £41.65
Animal Trust £70 (starter pack including two doses) available £47.60 available
Gordon Vets £55 available £60 available
Abington Vets £57.75 (includes 2 injections) available £51.98 available
Graham Road Vets £96 (primary course of dog vaccinations) available £52 available
The Stocks Vets £54/£95 (primary vaccination course) £54/£95 (primary vaccination course) £55.50 £55.50
Priory Lodge Vets £35 x2 - £45 -
New Priory Vets £89 (2 doses included) FREE £67 FREE
Congleton Vets £67 (primary course) INCLUDED £54 INCLUDED
Orwell Vets £103.84/£134.38 - £61.35 -
Claremont Vets £83 - £47 -
Jurassic Vets £56.40 FREE £46.25 FREE
Town and Country Vets £77.48 (puppy course) INCLUDED £56.56 INCLUDED
Swadlincote Vets £65 (puppy course) INCLUDED £58 INCLUDED
Millhouse Vets £77 (puppy course) - £72 -
Priory Vets £100 INCLUDED £56 INCLUDED
White House Vets £82 - £59 -
Park Vets £95 - £52.55 -


From the research, clients might be charged from £35 (Priory Lodge Vets) up to £100 (Priory Vets).

If you are thinking of getting your dog vaccinated, it would be worth checking if there is an additional charge like a prescription or other treatment options.

You can get a discount with pet insurance, or the vaccination is included, so you will not be charged any additional costs. 

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs to See A Veterinarian

Dogs are man’s best friends. They’re loyal companions, and they love us unconditionally. But did you know that dogs can develop serious health problems if they don’t receive regular veterinary care?

Here are five reasons why your dog needs to see a veterinarian.

Preventing Infections

A visit to the vet is an essential part of keeping your dog healthy. Regular visits allow your vet to monitor your pet’s overall health and detect any potential issues. This helps prevent infections and illnesses that may lead to costly treatments.

Detecting Problems Early

Veterinary exams are also helpful in detecting problems before they become serious. For example, your vet can perform tests to determine whether your dog has diabetes, kidney disease, or thyroid conditions. These diseases often go undetected until they cause significant damage to your dog’s organs.

Keeping Your Pet Safe

Regular visits to the vet also ensure that your dog receives proper vaccinations and medications. Vaccines protect against dangerous viruses and bacteria that can harm your dog. Medications such as flea control products and pain relievers are vital to maintaining your dog’s health.

Maintaining Healthy Teeth

Many pets suffer from dental problems due to improper diet and lack of dental hygiene. If left untreated, these problems can result in painful abscesses, gum infections, and tooth loss. By visiting the vet regularly, your vet can examine your dog’s teeth and provide treatment options.

Ensuring a Longer Life Span

Regular veterinary care can also extend your dog’s life span. Many common ailments can be treated effectively using modern medicine. For example, many cancers can be successfully treated with chemotherapy.

By scheduling regular appointments with your vet, you can enjoy years of happy, healthy companionship with your furry friend.

To Help With Behavior Issues

Some dogs experience behavioural problems such as aggression, separation anxiety, fearfulness, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and hyperactivity.

Veterinary visits can help identify these behaviours, help with dog training and provide solutions to help your dog live a happier, healthier life.

To Get Vaccinations

Vaccines are vital to protecting your dog against deadly illnesses. Some vaccines are required by law, while others are recommended based on your dog’s lifestyle.

A yearly vaccination schedule is vital to ensure your dog stays protected against infectious diseases.